The recent skewed and not smart at all outburst by Panaji MLA Babush Monserrate, that the people of Panaji are not at all inconvenienced by the on-going road digging works is preposterous to say the least. He has gone further to state that only a few people are making noise.

Is the MLA deaf, dumb and blind to the agony that the residents of Panaji are currently facing with a dangerous cocktail of dust pollution, diversions and craters without proper safeguards and signage that have already aversely risked several vehicles and people? It is very sad that the out of touch MLA cannot feel the pulse of the people who are currently rightly infuriated by the planned damage that is being done to our city.

It was Babush Monserrate himself who earlier had dubbed the Panaji Smart City works as a multi-crore scam. But is now part of the same authority which is rushing through ill-planned projects in a tearing hurry to pocket whatever is possible.

If Monserrate had any concerns for Panaji now a decaying city on his watch, then cleaning the stinking St Inez and Rua de Ourem creeks would have been a priority but his urgency is where he can merrily milk the cow big time.  The ill-judged outburst and lack of constructive action by Babush and incompetent performance of the mayor is typical of our local politicians and epitomises this BJP Government’s poor performance, of being in power but not in control!

There is nothing smart about deliberately turning a blind eye to the damage to our capital city and inconveniencing the lives of people through sheer greed, incompetence, and lack of supervision.

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