Our Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant needs to be commended for promptly raising with the Central government the long-standing issue of Dual Citizenship, highlighting the grievances and hardships being faced by those opting for Portuguese Passports and while applying for OCI and about those Goans whose birth is registered in Portugal.

It would be also appropriate for the Goa Government to ensure that the powers of the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) Goa are restored. For the last few years, the office of the FFRO Goa has been stripped of all powers and has been acting as a mere post-office for the FRRO Mumbai.

The FRRO implemented by the Government plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of people visiting India and provides a central point of contact for registering foreigners and issuing registration certificates required for various activities. Goa is an important tourist state and therefore the FRRO in Goa must be able to carry out all the necessary functions just like Mumbai.  

Everything now is being managed by FFRO Mumbai with even those applying for OCI having to travel personally to Mumbai for the appointment. Goa having a sizeable number diaspora overseas with Goans spread across the world, the office of FRRO Goa should be restored as a fully functioning hub to deal with affairs of those needing their services.  

Let us hope that the Goa Government will act diligently and swiftly so that our FRRO becomes empowered and fully operational to enable Goans to get their work done without unnecessary inconvenience, delay and expense.       

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