The brazen digging of roads in Ribandar has been going on for over a year. There has been dust pollution galore with the residents stranded with the never-ending unplanned and very substandard Smart City works posing a grave health and safety hazard. A matter of great concern as the well-being of our residents is compromised. Ribandar has never ever faced such helplessness. It has been organised chaos all over.

We can now only hope that our Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant comes to the rescue of the residents of Ribandar to alleviate this pain and agony that they have been enduring for too long.

It is so very unfortunate that the people’s normal day to life has been disrupted while nobody knows what would be the fate of the works currently being carried out. Is it not ironic that the authorities themselves say that they cannot guarantee the quality of these so-called development works? We can only pray and hope.

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