Like law and order, freedom of speech and expression under BJP rule has gone for a toss. One pays a very heavy price under the BJP rule for exercising our freedom to speak and write what we feel for the common good. A complete contrast to the good old days under the MGP rule when Chief Minister Mrs. Shashikala Kakodkar was never ever vindictive despite having taken her head on over various issues.

Over the last decade the BJP has persistently been misusing Power to unduly harass me, but the Courts have ensured that the Rule of law prevailed. I have for long endured the vicious witch-hunt, which has been a very long battle, but with the Grace of God and prayers and blessings from my fellow brethren, all united in pursuit of the Truth and justice, I have braved it all. 

The BJP possibly considers me to be a thorn in their flesh and have gone to the extent of even falsely claiming that I am not an Indian. The authorities and finally the Courts will decide where I should be. I can only assure the BJP that from any part of the world I will continue to strive for our Goa. As Goa’s humble soldier, serving the people and giving them a voice for the truth and to achieve justice is a commitment, which I will carry on till my very last breath. Possibly the unfinished mission will continue even after moving to that better world. So, silencing me may be a tough one for the BJP.

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