I have been alerted that a very infuriated Babush Monserrate could be plotting another attack on my life.

I have been advised to take extra precautions but I will, as always, lead the life of a common man. As the Sufi mystic Kabir said “Jako rakhe Sai, maar sake na koi” (None can harm him who is looked after by higher Powers). The dedicated prayers and the love showered by the common men is what keeps me going.

We need to maintain the spirit and keep on fighting. We owe it to our Goa or else posterity may never forgive us for having silently allowed what remains of our once beautiful State to just pass away.

We should remain unperturbed and be ready to die with a hope, rather than have that hope die inside us. Let destiny take its course. Each of us has to go someday, but our Goa has to live forever.

When we do have to depart, it should be with a humble sense of accomplishment of at least having attempted to do something little for our beloved Goa.

In death, one may be physically gone, but the spirit is always around. In the words of Corazon Aquino, widow of the assassinated President of Philippines, who went on to be President herself, “I would rather die a meaningful death than live a meaningless life.”

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