There has to be a clear dividing line between government programs and that of the political party in Power. We have over the last decade seen the BJP glaringly converting government functions into a political party affair. The latest is the Liberation Day celebrations which more than obviously looked like a BJP celebration.

The government has been misusing power and official machinery to try and get as much mileage for the party. But the people of Goa who have suffered at the hands of this rampant corruption and bad governance of this government can read between the lines and will not be fooled in these devious maneuvers by the BJP.

Spending taxpayer’s money to promote the image of the political party in Power is impermissible and it is surprising that the State administration is a mere spectator to this gory state of affairs.

And with Goa going to the polls very soon, despite the Code of Conduct not already in force it is incumbent that the Election Commission should act against such abuse of power and misuse of taxpayers’ money to gain political mileage.

It is anguishing that a financially bankrupt government is spending enormously on all these state functions only to try and promote its image. But it will be all in vain as the people of Goa want to be liberated once again, this time from the BJP.

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