Despite the COVID pandemic still looming and this year it being fear of that dreaded Omicron, let us in our own little modest way rejoice this Christmas while we get ready to usher in 2022.

The New Year has to see Good governance in Goa with a government that is sensitive and caring in fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the people.

May we be always empowered with the might and spine to fearlessly speak out against any injustice and nepotism, which very sadly has become the order of the day, with the rich getting richer and the poor turning poorer. Good Governance is all about heeding to the voice of the people and not muzzling them.

Let our firm resolve always be to relentlessly strive for a Better, Greener and Corruption free Goa, where only Justice always prevails. We owe it to this great land of ours which today sadly finds itself at cross roads with the BJP misruling for a decade and having miserably failed on all fronts.

Goa will see better days only when we elect persons of integrity at all levels of Governance who are worthy to hold public office, with the intellectual capability and acumen to undertake the task of serving the people, truthfully and sincerely for the common good. Good Governance never depends upon laws only, but upon the personal qualities and uprightness of those who govern.

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