While openness, transparency and accountability are cornerstones of any democratic system, free and fairness are the essential prerequisites in any election. But sadly the election process to the Corporation of City of Panaji polls scheduled for March 6th has already been rigged and manipulated even before the votes are cast.

From the delimitation process to the reservation of wards it has been high-handedly done with the entire process high jacked by the BJP with Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar directing and meddling in it all. The Director of Municipal Administration Elvis Gomes who is known to dance to the tunes of his political masters has been made good use of by the BJP to maneuver the election process to its advantage.

But despite all their underhand politricks and the money power of the BJP, the people of Panaji should rise to the occasion and vote thoughtfully. This would send a clear signal to the BJP that the values of Democracy must be allowed to thrive and the rule of law should prevail at all times. Let us take the pledge to Save Panaji and eventually salvage what remains of Goa.



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