If Goa is going to the dogs was vividly reiterated with the hard ground evidence of that sordid reality today at Miramar beach this morning. A very sad day for Goa.

That the stage managed drama CLEAN – O – THON organised by the Goa Government in collaboration with Divyaj Foundation headed by wife of Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was a scam to say the least that fooled no one is now not in doubt.

Late last night the Corporation of City of Panaji ( CCP) truck drivers were made to scatter garbage all over the beach so that the VIPs could this morning farcically clear it.

What happened at Miramar this morning only reflects to what cheap levels those in power in Goa can stoop for publicity and pocketing money of the State exchequer, which is empty anyways.

We can only pray for Goa as the political class has dared to cross all ethical limits.

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