Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had the rank audacity to falsely claim that Goa was Open Defecation Free (ODF) from 31st August 2019. It is over three long years down the road and the very grimy ground reality is there for all to see with people urinating and even defecating out in the open everywhere. In the hills, the fields and along the riverside across Goa we see it all. Along Goa’s riverside it all gets released in the waters where we catch fish from. With no sewage line in place, many are releasing their raw sewage through pipes into the public drains and the fields. It is an unacceptable situation and the onus is on the government to ensure that it is mandatory for every house to have a septic tank. This is required to ensure that a health menace is avoided.

What a shame while the entire pollution of our Rivers, Lakes and Water bodies with sewage flowing from the cities and villages is a matter of concern. Even in the capital City of Panaji, the Rua de Ourem creek and the Santa Inez Creek is an absolute eyesore and says it all.

Our Politicians living in glass houses should humbly  realise the plight of our common man facing and enduring the dilemma of those malafidely ignoring issues of environment that concern Goa.

We are far from truly becoming ODF and the government needs to get its act together to achieve that goal in the best interest of the State and the Health of its people. For Goa to be Open Defecation Free we would have to first free ourselves from the stench of rampant corruption and lack of proper governance that our State is besieged with.

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