The current pot-shots in public by some of the Goa Ministers against each other are in utter bad taste. And the public are watching in despair these cheap intrigues among Ministers.  

The Cabinet has to function in unionism, and it is the collective responsibility of every Minister to work as a team and speak in one voice.  This feuding, mudslinging and backstabbing in a free for all environment proves how divided this Government is on most issues. Any policy implemented as a result lacks the full agreement of the government and will be even more controversial for the people to accept and follow. Any show of unity has been for the camera and the media not based on any conviction or confidence in government policy.

The war of words between Ministers themselves and that too now all in public domain only points out that Good Governance has gone for a toss. Any differences of opinion or views should be all thrashed out by the Ministers at the cabinet meeting and should never spill out on the streets. This verbal Minister v/s Minister bashing and taunting goes against the decorum and sanity that must otherwise prevail.

It is a sad fact that the Government and the ruling BJP party is now a patchwork of individuals including various rejects from other parties who have been lured with a high financial reward and promises of high office. This jostling for power by members of a fragmented Government who only care about their personal wellbeing could well be a major cause for this pathetic behaviour! This was inevitable given what a mixed and odd bunch our Ministers are! Doubtlessly, all this reflects poorly on the leadership of Chief Minister Pramod Sawant. He is in the Chair, in power but not in control. For the people of Goa, the nightmare continues, and it is clearly a challenging time of ‘Bhivpachi garaz asa’.

Various leaders of international repute have over the centuries used the phrase ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ to garner support, a phrase our Government ministers should learn and implement in all their dealings. 

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