It did not take much time or effort to unravel the shady side of retired Director of Goa Printing Press N.D. Agarwal whom the Minister for Printing Press Rohan Khaunte has now needlessly appointed as Advisor.  

The very shrewd and crafty N.D Agarwal just before his retirement set up Narayani Publication in 2013 printing all Goa Government publications and selling it at a Premium through a website Goakaido.com doing a booming business. If any publication is not available at the Govt Printing Press it can be ordered through N. D. Agarwal’s website. The Goa Kaido.com and the Narayani Publication share the same address at Assagao where N.D. Agarwal resides.  On how he obtained that Comunidade land to construct his bungalow is another issue. The huge assets acquired by him must also come under the scanner of the authorities. 

One wonders as to how immediately after his retirement he could in rank conflict of interest start such a business. Did he copy all the files while at the Printing Press and is using them to publish the publications? Despite now being advisor to the Govt Printing Press, he continues to sell copies of that very printing press publications and that too without paying the State any royalty. The Advisors appointed, just like all other Government officials must always be transparent, accountable and above board in all their dealings. Alike Government officials, their primary duty is to help the public and not themselves. And to never bend, crawl and shamelessly prostrate before the political bosses, something which N.D.Agarwal excelled in.

Let us leave it for another day on the reasons why Minister Rohan Khaunte appointed the over 70 year old N.D. Agarwal as Advisor of the State owned Printing Press.

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