One wonders whether the Indian National Congress after its so many political mishaps in Goa will ever get its act together.  Its latest decision to appoint an SSC passed, as Leader of its Legislative wing, bypassing the very knowledgeable Advocate Carlos Ferreira says it all. Has the party lost all its senses and on a suicide mission, determined to reduce the Party to its final ashes without recognizing its past mistakes and not even attempting to take corrective measures.

Yuri Alemao may have learnt to fly planes but the handling of the current political turbulence is way beyond his reckoning. More so as his Dad is an accused before the Crime Branch in the alleged illegal Mining scam. The Alemaos are now at the mercy of the BJP to remain insulated from the ED, IT and CBI as many from that gang of the eight defectors also do.

How could the Congress Party not realize that Carlos Ferreira has over the years in his association with the party never ever wandered elsewhere, but the now chosen Leader of Opposition has hopped across parties in true spirit of his family Clan, the Alemaos. The Congress Party should have taken the time to try and test Yuri’s honesty, loyalty and integrity to the Party before taking such a decision which has surprised and astonished Goans across the State. 

Adv, Carlos would have put the case forward for the many who have no hope, no future and no trust in our failed political system and government. He would have logically and forensically taken the government to task over its failed policies, broken promises, lies and corruption.

Anyone else in the place of Adv. Carlos Ferreira would have put in his papers, but the gracious Aldona MLA for the love of his constituency and Goa has acted as a refined gentleman, despite the Political party he gave everything to, having chosen to sideline the right man for the right post.

Let us leave it for another day, how Yuri Alemao is today officially a multi-crorepati without ever working as a Pilot for a living. All this is by his own admission in the affidavit of his mind-boggling assets that he filed in February this year along with his nomination papers for the Goa Assembly elections.

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