Yet another recent suicide by a Goa Police constable is disturbing. It is no secret that the police force, especially the constabulary, is working in very stressful and unacceptable conditions. Very long hours of work with no proper rest.

These unacceptable working conditions is an issue that has arisen on various occasions before the Goa Human Rights Commission which has repeatedly held that the police are human beings and should be so treated. Despite these directions no concrete measures have been taken to rectify the anomalous situation.

Despite the Supreme Court having ruled that working of the Police should be totally insulated from Political interference it is public knowledge that the political masters are in fact directly involved in the selection, promotion, and transfers of the police, even the constabulary.  If true, it is obnoxious that politicians have to be paid huge amounts even for police seeking transfers. People expect the Executive and Enforcement branches of the Law to adhere to the rule of law and to show zero tolerance to corruption. 

There is a need for an in-house robust mechanism to be in place so that the grievances of the police can be humanely heard and resolved so that more of their lives are not lost. A healthy, content and well-trained police force can go a long way in maintaining the much-needed law and order which has currently gone for a super toss. These dedicated public servants who are sworn to always protect public safety at any place, need and deserve all the help that they can get.

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