The death of Cyprus Mistry should enlighten us not to over speed and to always wear seat belts. Everything possible needs to be done to curb the growing number of accidents and save precious lives.

We need to be cautious while driving with zero tolerance to over speeding. All the rules of the Highway Code should be always observed and adhered to. Playing Russian Roulette with one’s own lives or more importantly the lives of others is not an option. The VIPs should lead by example in conforming to the speed limits. One wonders why Chief Minister Pramod Sawant’s convoy is always over speeding while endangering the lives of those on the streets. It is only ambulances and fire fighting engines that are exempt from speed limits. Why are influential persons allowed to merrily move around in breach of law in vehicles with tinted glasses?

There needs to be also stringent penalty for drunk driving. The potholes on even the main roads are also a cause for many accidents for which the authorities are solely to be blamed. Unfortunately proper road engineering has not been a matter of concern for the government. When will the authorities wake up to the need of ensuring roads are free from stray cattle and dogs which again are a cause of many accidents.

It is high time those in power value every life and work towards making our roads safe by making road safety one of our top priorities. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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