Those eight Congress MLAs joining the BJP was a daylight political dacoity befitting only gutter creatures. From six of them it could be expected, but from Aleixo Sequeira and Sankalp Amonkar this treachery was unforeseen. That the Nuvem MLA stooped so low and into the gutter, in his political twilight, and that Sankalp Amonkar who the Congress Party helped to groom, also opted for this political suicide only shows that the alleged bounty of 50 crore offered to each Judas was too tempting for them to resist. Or are there some other hidden gains? From Rudolf Fernandes this volte-face was no surprise as he is someone who has never worked for a living and this windfall was naturally irresistible.

Sankalp Amonkar now spitting venom at his former party only exposes him for his failures as he was the Vice-President and was party to all that was done or not done rightly or wrongly.

The BJP which is already overloaded with its own MLAs may find it very difficult to accommodate these unwanted eight now seeking seats of Power and Position. But even before the voters teach these eight traitors a lesson, they may have to learn it the hard way from the BJP itself which may discard this political second hand scrap by leaving them without seats of Power but to be content only with the pocketful they received.

Politics is now known to be a dirty game, indeed a very murky one, being the notorious last resort of the scoundrels and giving a bad name for Goa, on account of this malaise of political prostitution. As Eight Cheetahs from Namibia having now been released in our Indian forests, it would have been appropriate to dispatch in return an equal number of our eight cheaters to the jungles of Namibia. 

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