The Casino trade continues to operate and flourish unregulated on account of political patronage. For so many years,   the proposed rules to regulate Casino operations have conveniently and in connivance with the governmental authorities not seen the light of the day, while the file has been intentionally shuttling around the corridors of Power.

The very dishonest intent of the government is clear with the Casino transactions not having been made cashless and allowing the black money to be circulated in this business to the benefit of the Casino lobby.

As a mere eyewash,  a Gaming Commissioner was appointed three years ago but has been idling around with no rules in place.

The Casino mafia enjoy abundant political clout and largesse by even being allowed to merrily park their vehicles on the very busy No parking designated Dayanand Bandodkar Road  while the Traffic and Transport department officials for obvious reasons look the other way as the traffic rules are cheerfully being breached. 

Rohan Khaunte and Reginaldo Lourenco who over the years had rightly vehemently opposed the social menace of Casinos are now being enslaved in the BJP camp and are compelled to be tight lipped on the issue having lost all their independence and freedom to speak.  

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