Last year Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had solemnly promised that all the roads in Goa would be free of potholes by 1st November 2021. But it was just another of Pramod Sawant’s failed assurances.

After being re-elected and assuming office on March 28th it would reasonably be expected that he would have made it a priority to make good on his 2021 promise and not renege on his assurance to make our roads safe by getting rid of the potholes which continue to haunt the motorists across Goa.

The rains are round the corner and the PWD Minister has now stated that it would not be possible to clear all the potholes before this monsoon. Ironically while we have been getting light showers, the government is busy tarring some roads. What a waste of money. On the eve of the rainy season we also see new roads being dug.  There seems to be absolutely no coordination between the various departments. In Ribandar we have some of the internal roads still with big potholes since the last three years. 

Despite the Bombay High Court having ruled that good and properly maintained roads are a fundamental Right of every citizen, this very insensitive Government has allowed the roads to deteriorate to an extremely pathetic condition.

The authorities don’t seem to care for the hardships faced especially by two wheelers on account of the pothole ridden roads. To add to the misery, people have to also navigate around the stray cattle and dogs which have merrily infested our roads and even the Highways.

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