Gross irregularities, blatant illegalities and malpractices in the functioning of the cash rich Goa Cricket Association (GCA) by its current Secretary Vipul Phadke have come to the fore. Vipul is the son of Vinod Phadke, the former very controversial GCA Secretary.

Vipul Phadke is accused of grossly flouting all rules laid down by Justice Lodha Committee on functioning of cricket bodies while BCCI guidelines   have also gone for a toss.  He is alleged to be repeatedly breaching the rule which permits him to use his discretion to spend to a maximum of only five lakhs.  However, on construction of a water tank, expenditure of nine lakhs was incurred with the mandatory procedure not followed.  In a clear conflict of interest, the contract was reportedly awarded to a known associate of Vinod Phadke.

Huge expenses on equipment, clothing, travel, accommodation etc. are incurred in rank violation of the Lodha Committee recommendations with no tenders invited.

Further in clear violation of Justice Lodha committee recommendation neither minutes of meetings nor expenses incurred are uploaded on the GCA website while the mandatory monthly meetings of the Managing Committee are not held.

The proposed 350 crore Cricket stadium at Dhargal is another mega multi crore scam in the offing which the authorities must scrutinise.

Our no nonsense Sports Minister Govind Gaude must intervene and appoint an administrator to ensure that there is the much needed transparency and accountability at the GCA while the wrong doers are shown the door.  GCA must truthfully promote Cricket and cannot be a cash cow for the Corrupt.

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