The Goa Government has over the last many years been taking the mining dependents for a ride by just giving dates and deadlines as to when Mining in the State would resume.

Unlike the mining loot and plunder seen earlier, now only sustainable well-regulated Mining may be in the State’s best interest.

While continuing as Chairman of the very lucrative Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has also appointed himself to head the newly formed Goa Mineral Development Corporation.

Restarting mining which came to a halt in March 2018 is not going to be an easy task and it would be advisable if politicians keep themselves away and leave the management of this nascent Mining Corporation to experts in the field who could chart the route ahead in conjunction with other stakeholders including environmentalists. 

There is no dispute that legal mining must resume. But it should under no circumstances be a repeat of the mining mess we witnessed earlier. For the sake of Goa’s environment and our already fragile ecology, that mining chaos and abuses should never ever be allowed to recur. If we take care of the things that really matter and the people directly or indirectly involved for the benefit of all then we will all benefit.

And there is a ray of hope with the Judiciary keeping a watchful eye to ensure that all Mining activity will henceforth be strictly within the parameters of law.

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