The Supreme Court verdict on the Railway double tracking is a victory for the sustained People’s struggle and the Rule of law.

We need to salute all those who against all odds relentlessly toiled for the sake of Goa and its environment.

Goa has been a beautiful accident of history endowed with abundant resources. But selfishness and foolishness by those in power has brought our State to a stage in history when one day Mother Nature may crack the whip and Goa, already threatened by sea level rise, would simply be wiped out from the face of this planet. Before that happens let better sense prevail.

Let us thank God that we have a Judiciary, otherwise with an autocratic and despotic government at the helm Goa would have been Anarchy.

We need to be always reminded of those words of Justice Gautam Patel and Justice Nutan Sardessai ‘Goa is a land worth fighting for’

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