Everything that any sensible Government does must always be in the best interest of its people. Every decision must be citizens centric and never for the selfish benefit of those in Power to line their pockets. The March 28th puffed-up swearing in ceremony and that Lifetime cabinet status are two recent glaring examples where public good went for a toss.

There is also need of a law to hold the political parties and those contesting elections accountable to all promises made to the voters. At the Assembly elections held in February this year, the BJP had promised the moon and must start delivering on all that was assured.

One of the promises made was that ‘every household’ would get three free LPG cylinders a year. In yet another typical U-turn we are now told that only those Below Poverty Line (BPL) would be entitled. A very devious trick by the government whose move has now been steadfastly supported by Chief Minister’s wife Sulakshana Sawant, despite the cost of a LPG cylinder now touching a thousand rupees and hurting even the middle class. Ironically while the BJP was in the Opposition, the very Sulakshana Sawant as President of State Mahila Morcha had vociferously hit the streets on every price rise of essential Commodities. And now with Sulakshana Sawant having blurted as a virtual spokesperson of the Government, for us all it is ‘Bhivpachi Garaz Asa’. 

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