After being sworn in as Chief Minister again on 28th March, Pramod Sawant promised that he would deliver a transparent, people friendly governance with Zero Tolerance to Corruption.

But Pramod Sawant obviously did not really mean what he was saying as he had just been sworn in at a needlessly glamorous, monstrous, and extravagant 18 minutes function which had cost the already grieving exchequer over 5.5 crores. How could the Chief Minister be so insensitive? To add to this financial burden, he has, by that ‘political mischief’, created another huge liability to the State by creating that ghost position of ‘Lifetime Cabinet status.

Mr. Chief Minister, you can win the hearts and minds of the people of Goa and our Goans across the world by your honorable deeds. You need to speak and act very sincerely, which you haven’t been doing. We understand your predicament, but please confide with us your problems and troubles. We will try and share your genuine burdens on our broad shoulders. But please be truthfully truthful.

Do you know that the common person is aghast that you are zooming around with three police escort jeeps which is again a huge needless financial burden to the State? Be assured that in the good things that you do, God and the people of Goa will protect you. Please move around like a common man and freely mingle with the people just like the way Goa’s first Chief Minister Dayanand Bandodkar did. It will also give you an opportunity to be part of the real world. And, Mr. CM, Tuka Bhivpachi Kainch Garaz Na.

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