The Goa government over the years has been needlessly squandering crores of rupees on organizing road shows across the world to promote Goa as a tourist destination. Instead, if the government had cared to improve the crumbling infrastructure, Goa would have sold by itself. In the current sordid state of affairs with garbage strewn all over even on the beaches which are also infested with stray dogs and cattle, the high end decent tourist will not care to step in.

To decongest our roads the government should have gone all out to improve the public transport system in the State which would have encouraged more people to use it.

The authorities must also look into the current pathetic state of our bus terminals which act as an entry point for many tourists. Proper toilet facilities should have been provided with the focus being on cleanliness and all round sanitation. There is also a need of proper illumination for the safety of passengers traveling after sunset and early morning.

Haphazard planning, improper sanitation and the uncontrollable stray animal menace all over is projecting Goa in bad light. Besides, Goa now branded as the gambling capital has become a very safe haven for the narcotic trade and the flourishing menace of prostitution. The alarming increase in Crimes has further made our once serene Goa, now a very unsafe destination.

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