The singular “achievement” of successive BJP governments in Goa has been the perfection of the Art of Political Conmanship — from   brand of U-Turns to Sawant’s edition of Bluffs. Goans have suffered it all for far too long.

After all that we have witnessed over the last three years with him as CM, it is ludicrous that Pramod Sawant after being chosen to be the Chief Minister again has had the audacity to assure us that his government would show Zero tolerance to Corruption. Can Pramod Sawant please explain to us how he has acquired such huge properties and enormous wealth after venturing into politics?  

It looks more like a thief shouting ‘Thief… ‘to fool us into chasing shadows in the dark and applauding himself as the saint.

Possibly for the first time in these elections the BJP has distributed abundant money to voters in every constituency across Goa. So their priority would now obviously be to swiftly recover it all and this will happen through organized Corruption.

And with those aspiring to be Ministers eyeing those plumb portfolios what do we presume is the intent? And nothing more needs to be said on Pramod Sawant clinging to the very lucrative Chairmanship of Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation even after becoming CM. 

As a step towards combating corruption, will Pramod Sawant dare make all transactions in Casinos cashless so that the flow of black money is aborted? 

He could also prove his bonafides by respecting the Supreme Court judgment that those facing criminal charges should not be inducted into the cabinet as two MLAs aspiring to be Ministers are currently facing trial for very serious criminal offences.

We shall soon know whether Pramod Sawant is really sincere about starting his second innings with a clean slate.

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