In what is unprecedented, for the very first time Goa is seeing an unacceptable delay in Government formation.

On 10th March after having won 20 seats, the BJP with the support of the MGP and three independents had that very night a clear majority of 25 in the House of 40.

But the Government is still not in place. Finalizing who would be the Chief Minister itself took over 10 days with the High Command having to intervene while Pramod Sawant and others making  several trips to Delhi. Having selected Pramod Sawant to be the Chief Minister, the High Command will now have to grapple  in selecting who the Ministers will be and also in the distribution of portfolios.  

While Goa is anxiously waiting for a government to be in place, the much delayed swearing in ceremony is now scheduled on 28th March, ostensibly to suit the convenience of the Delhi dignitaries who could have witnessed the function from Delhi and saved Goans all that traffic chaos.  

Had the BJP been in the Opposition, they would have created a ruckus on the streets of Goa over this inordinate delay. 

Of the 20 BJP MLAs, Pramod Sawant being the only one with RSS roots he was the BJP’s Chief Ministerial choice but given the events of the last over two weeks he is set to be a lame duck Chief Minister remote controlled from Delhi. A Chief Minister in Power but effectively not in Control.  

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