Goa BJP President Sadanand Shet Tanawade should stop misguiding the people of Goa by pushing the onus of creating Babush Monserrate on Manohar Parrikar who today is not around to defend himself.

When in 2002 Manohar Parrikar inducted Babush Monserrate into the cabinet he was not charged for raping that minor girl whom he did in 2016. That gruesome attack on the Panaji Police station which was a crime against the State was also orchestrated by Babush Monserrate only in 2008. So Tanawade needs to get his facts right and not defend the indefensible acts of Babush Monserrate.

Infact the then Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar displayed that rare courage in 2005 to strip Babush Monserrate of the Town and Country Planning portfolio due to the gross corruption with regards to that Regional Plan despite knowing that he could lose the Chief Minister’s Chair.

Does Sadanand Tanawade have to be reminded that his Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had in May 2019 publicly and ever so loudly roared to us all that people should not vote for a criminal like Babush Monserrate as he had committed every possible offence under the sun, having been even booked for raping a minor girl and that ladies and young girls would not be safe with Babush Monserrate around.

The BJP President should candidly admit if Babush Monserrate has used his money power to buy the party tickets.

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