On October 17th last year, as suggested and opined by my friends and well wishers, I had agreed to contest these ensuing Assembly elections from Panaji.

But later on carefully assessing the ground muddled situation for over a month and with so many wanting to contest, on 27th November I took that conscientious decision not to contest as I wouldn’t want to carry the guilt of the possibility of giving Babush Monserrate the benefit of any fragmentation of votes.  A remorse that I would have had to bear for the rest of my life. Besides, having never joined any political party, I was very averse to doing so now in the twilight of my life.

What I had sensed has come true now, as we all can see, from the unfolding messy political scene in the State. So I had preferred to continue my mission of serving the people humbly, respectfully, fearlessly and dedicatedly as a common man.

It is no secret that the BJP is hoping to win by a split in votes and this has to be thwarted by avoiding needless multi cornered fights.

Many have now been asking me whom they should vote for. My vote as usual will be no secret. On 31st January once we know the final list of candidates in the fray, I will share with you all where my vote will go while also giving comprehensive reasons.

In those two weeks leading to the February 14th polls, I also plan traveling across the State to meet up with my friends and well wishers to share my humble views on what would well be our very last opportunity to save what remains of our Goa.

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