As the BJP in Goa will soon complete ten years in office it is time that we, the people, audit its performance.

This government has to be assessed on the ‘Goa Vision Document 2012-2017’, released by the Party in the run-up to the March 2012 Assembly elections and its acts and deeds over the last ten years in Power with a never ending string of U Turns and  reneged promises while it gears for the 2022 polls.

In its ‘Vision Document’ the BJP promised that Annual Performance Reports of every government department would be prepared and publicized. This has not happened. Also promised was participatory governance at village level as envisaged in the 73rd and 74th amendments, which too, has not seen the light of the day. We are sadly witnessing today the continued sight of fields and hills being converted to concrete jungles. A selected coterie of builders are having a field day with constructions mushrooming everywhere without a provision for basic infrastructure of electricity, water, parking, sewage and garbage disposal.

To ensure regular, uninterrupted power supply the BJP in 2012 had promised that the whole of Goa would have underground cabling in five years and that the State would be plastic-free in three years which has also not happened. The promise that a garbage management system would be in place in 18 months is still a distant dream. The government has miserably failed in its promise of 12 hours-a-day uninterrupted drinking water within two years.

The promised Zero Tolerance to Corruption and people centric good governance continues to elude us and remains a very far dream.  A very distant one.

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