At the very fag end of its term, it is outrageous and preposterous that this unholy Pramod Sawant government which is struggling to even pay its staff their monthly salaries and the payments to beneficiaries of various social schemes, is now venturing into a further financial mess in an attempt to desperately woo voters in view of the ensuing Assembly elections. It is only enlarging the financial trap that the next government will find itself burdened with.

This cash-strapped Government which has been borrowing galore to tide up its expenditure, was duty bound to ensure that every paisa from the State exchequer was judiciously spent. While lacking the much required fiscal responsibility, it is particularly appalling when expenses are incurred on non-priority areas. It is an irony that while the State cries over lack of funds it has been merrily indulging in very unjustified expenditure. For rationalization in government spending, strong and sincere austerity measures need to be taken with criminal waste of public funds on superfluous expenditure strictly prohibited.

Fiscal accountability has to be an ongoing sustained process. Due to the repeated follies of this government we have landed in this current fiscal upheaval. The next Chief Minister and his government would have an uphill task getting Goa on the road to economic recovery. Financial discipline and monetary answerability will be an absolute must if Goa is to move on once the new government takes over.

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