While focusing that Health is Wealth, the thrust should have been to decentralize availability of Healthcare facilities. But it is intriguing that Government is dithering on the promised Community Health Center at the Old Ribandar hospital despite the fact that it would benefit not only Ribandar but also neighboring residents of Chimbel, Merces, Old Goa and in the Island of Divar.

The Old Ribandar Hospital was Asia’s first medical school established in 1867 with a very glorious history and this priceless heritage structure needs to be preserved by maintaining its history in restoring the premises with all possible Health Care facilities. 

In 2017 then Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had assured that that within three months full medical care facilities would be restored at the Old Ribandar Hospital.

On 8th October last year MLA Babush Monserrate promised that Health facilities there would start as 30 bedded with a 24X7 Casualty cum Trauma unit equipped with all the required facilities and that it would be expanded in stages to be a full-fledged Hospital while that very week the same was also assured by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant.

We can only hope that promises become a reality with Healthcare facilities at the old Ribandar Hospital being restored on a priority so that it is accessible round the clock for those requiring medical assistance.

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