With the very structural stability of our new High Court building at Porvorim on a cliffhanger, the onus is now squarely on the erring Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) to move swiftly to see what remedial measures can be taken to save this very vital structure which has cost the taxpayer over 125 crores.

Given the very heavy rainfall our State experiences, the Gujarat High Court model with a flat roof should never have been replicated.

The flat roof is very inappropriate as our High Court required a properly sloped and also strong wind resilient roof given the location.  

If this structural cock-up can be remedied, it may be appropriate to replace that awful looking barbed wire around our High Court as our’s is a Temple of Justice and not a detention centre.

This major High Court construction goof up warrants that the GSIDC should now be headed by persons with technical expertise.

The first Goan to be appointed Judge of the Bombay High Court, the very illustrious and distinguished Dr Gustavo Filipe Couto who passed away last week has been saved the ordeal of having to witness what would be a leaking High Court if the experts are unable to rectify the grave structural blunder before the next monsoons.  

While the Damocles’ sword hangs, for now all that we can do is hope and pray that Goa’s highest Temple of Justice be saved from this imminent man made structural catastrophe.

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