The very frequent transfer of officers is a sign of bad governance. While officials must be moved around every three years we are witnessing officers being shuffled around within months if not weeks while ironically some are glued on the same saddle for years. This administrative circus must stop as these transfers are obviously when illegal political orders are not adhered to. The bureaucrats must be allowed to function in accordance with law and be able to apply their experience and expertise independent of political interference or pressure. They cannot be coerced to act as caged parrots.

Every decision by the government has to be well thought out and carefully considered. This will minimize the recurring embarrassment that this Government has been facing on having to reverse skewed decisions in hours if not days.  Advice from experts and feedback from people must be heeded to rectify the glaring failings in governance.

Pramod Sawant should speak responsibly as he is the Chief Minister and not a loose cannon. His recent statement that anyone criticizing the police will be punished is laughable. We indeed need to applaud the good work done by the cops but also have a democratic bounded duty to point out where they err. Does the CM know that our Human Rights Commission has had to on several occasions caution the govt that the police are human beings and should so be treated?

The Chief Minister would be also well advised not to intrude into the Judicial turf by trying to say how our Courts are to be run in this pandemic. We have a very competent High Court which is capably overseeing the management of the Judiciary in the State.

Pramod Sawant would do well to speak less and focus on good governance bringing solace to all citizens, more particularly the poor and marginalized. The people expect their Chief Minister to be competent, honest, dedicated and humble.

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