The essence of a free, fair and absolutely independent Judiciary must flow right from the Supreme Court to every lower Court across the nation.

Judges should always be appointed fairly having due regard to their eminent qualifications, experience, competence, capability and probity in public life that they have clearly demonstrated over the years.  As long as every Judge dispenses justice to the highest degree of impartiality and to the best of his conscience without allowing any political or other form of interference or undue influence to cloud his judgments, then any unfavourable perception or fears the public may hold against the Judiciary will be allayed. This is vital in a democracy and for the rule of law.

Contact between Advocates and Judges should be restricted to the Courtroom. This would go a long way towards ensuring an independent, unprejudiced, free and fair Judiciary.

Despite there being a very clear and categorical diktat that Judges should not socialize with advocates, there seems no rigorous compliance of this very salutary prescription. Needless to say there also ought to be no unnecessary socializing by Politicians in Power with Judges. Advocates and their Associations should desist from finding occasions in organizing and promoting dinners for Judges. Official tea parties within the Court premises may be acceptable. But highly spirited parties, hosted elsewhere could be a potential avenue for Advocates to denigrate themselves in cultivating convenient relations with Judges which is undesirable. It can also lead to amusing, embarrassing and demeaning situations at times.

A Judge is appointed entrusted with that sacred and solemn duty of dispensing Justice freely and fearlessly. Every Judge should endeavor to strictly adhere to the Hippocratic Oath.  There should be no exception whatsoever to this cardinal rule.

We as Advocates owe it our noble profession not to create a situation placing our Judges in an awkward and embarrassing position. Temples of Justice should always remain clean, unbiased and pure being sanitized at all times.

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