It is so very anguishing that our Goa today on the issue of Law and Order is in absolute dire straits. The much required law and order seems to have totally collapsed in our once very orderly State, with even an Uttar Pradesh native having landed in Goa claiming illegally to be a Minister there while he merrily landed and feasted in the land of Fish, Feni and Fun and blatantly unlawfully enjoyed our State’s largesse to galore. Nothing more needs to be said on our current perishing Tigers.

An already severely impoverished Goa exchequer has been further mauled due to this rank incompetence and lack of vigilance by the authorities. All this is absolutely impermissible as there seems to be a total collapse in the State’s Protocol department in having failed to even identify and certify their visiting State dignitaries.

If the authorities conveniently continue not to be vigilant, our once golden Goa will persist to be a very safe haven for criminals and even terrorists. Goa today is known all over as a gambling, drug, prostitution and crime hub besides now being a drowning destination.  Let’s hope that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant will promptly and sincerely intervene on this issue of grave public importance and restore sanity in our once beautiful Goa.

If we don’t fight lawlessness it prevails. If it is not tackled as a matter of urgency without fear or favour and honestly, it will become a self-perpetuating and ever-expanding nightmare damaging our society and resulting in anarchy.

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