Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on 26th September last year filed a very controversial application before the Bicholim Mamlatdar claiming to be a Mundkar in Survey No. 60/8 at Cotombi village. While that application by Pramod Sawant seeking declaration as Mundkar under Section 8A of the Goa Mundkar Act 1975 is still pending before the Mamlatdar, the Chief Minister has so highhandedly demolished his alleged Mundkarial house and laid the foundation for his proposed new mansion there. What is sought to be blatantly done is an illegal new construction under the guise of repair. All this with his property rights as Mundkar yet to be established. A very lawless and deplorable move by Pramod Sawant while indeed setting an extremely wrong precedent. If the Chief Minister does not respect the law, who will? A very sad and sordid state of affairs. Nobody is and should ever be above the law not even the Chief Minister.

It appears that CM Pramod Sawant will do anything to stick to and reinforce his now new title of Mr. Property Sawant.

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