Over the years crores have been spent on attempting to tackle the stray dog menace but the situation is just getting shoddier by the day. The stray dog menace across Goa is now beyond control. The so called sterilisation programme is just not working. Sterilization alone can never be the only solution to this grave and alarming crisis of stray dogs.

We have the stray dog population multiplying in every nook and corner of Goa. Every road in our cities and every corner of the villages are infested with stray dogs. The situation is very alarming and disturbing.

The anguish and distress faced by a victim of a dog bite is only to be experienced or seen. A dog bite can be fatal. One would prefer a natural death than undergoing the trauma of being bitten by a dog with rabies. There is an urgent need and necessity to consider the seriousness of the stray dog menace. Will it need the kin of a Minister to be mauled by a rabid dog for the authorities to act on this serious issue?

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