After years of sheer neglect, for Goa’s capital city Panaji to move ahead the very messy Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) must first get its house in order. The CCP should have been financially very viable, but over the years on account of some Corporators blatantly and illegally doing everything to financially enrich themselves, our CCP is today financially in the doldrums.

The CCP desperately needs a very upright Mayor who is not tainted and can command respect and is not afraid to ensure that he and the CCP works  tirelessly and honestly to meet the needs of our city and its people.But unless this happens Panaji will continue to further rot and sink.

The skewed demand of some Corporators that the Commissioner of CCP should be a Goan officer is preposterous as they hope they can manipulate a local officer to their whims and fancies. The Corporators must at all times be people of integrity, competent and devoted, elected on merit to carry out their civic duty entrusted to them by putting the city before their personal welfare.

The current Commissioner of CCP Shashank Tripathi has meticulously been a no-nonsense IAS officer. He had a brilliant stint recently as Panaji’s Deputy Collector while he had also served earlier as Deputy Commissioner of CCP.

To free the CCP from the shackles of the in-built organized corruption and utter bad governance, we need officers of credibility and integrity like Shashank Tripathi.

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