The distribution of portfolios has to be always the sole prerogative and at the discretion of the Chief Minister. But when very ambitious Ministers forcibly demand and extort plum and prized portfolios, it only exposes that for them politics is not a mission to serve society but a vehicle to merrily loot and plunder.

In Goa we all witnessed this in March 2017 when Manohar Parrikar deviously usurped Power by that over night cobbling of a cocktail cabinet with those unholy alliance partners dubiously pocketing coveted portfolios. After the demise of Manohar Parrikar, we saw last week a repeat of  that sorry state of affairs once again, while the squabbling and bickering for posts and portfolios dragged all through the night with that swearing in ceremony of a very politically weak Pramod Sawant as Chief Minister spilling into the early hours of the next day.

Now the awry public statement by a politically bankrupt Pramod Sawant that he will confide with his Ministers before distributing those much sought additional portfolios, only displays his sheer political impotence and that alike Manohar Parrikar he continues to be a miserably caged and very imprisoned Chief Minister.

Only time will tell whether with all this current political turbulence and upheaval, the lackluster and jaded Pramod Sawant led government will be washed away before this monsoon if not evaporated in the summer itself.

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