It is very appalling and so absolutely distressing to see the manner in which the Goa Police has been very highhandedly misusing and shabbily ill-treating the Home Guards. They have been reduced to being slaves with absolute disrespect and made to do tasks they are not supposed to.

Yesterday I have drawn the attention of the young IPS Officer Utkrisht Prasoon who has recently been appointed as the Principal of the Police Training School in Valpoi to the very disturbing fact that two Home guards there have been assigned the work of washing the toilets.

Also so surprisingly a Head constable Ladu Gawas (Badge no 4214) is reportedly well entrenched at the Police Training School for a long 22 years without a transfer.

While I can assure our dear Home Guards that it shall be my relentless endeveaour to get them their much deserved Justice, let us hope that our DGP Dr. Muktesh Chander wakes up from his slumber and gets his house in order by ensuring that his Human Guards are accorded the due respect and treated as Human Beings.

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