My six decades and counting have been an exciting and challenging time where I have always sought to venture and explore my passion for a variety of activities, never shying away from doing justice to all that life has to offer and even stretching my capabilities to the fullest and beyond. From writing, public speaking, acting in Konkani dramas, supporting and campaigning for the common good, have willingly and undeterred ventured in it all. The only exceptions to date are singing and swimming although I have fearlessly swam through some turbulent waters over the years and with God’s blessings and your prayers managed to keep afloat.

I may have never sung publicly but music has always been at the centre of my heart. The sudden death of our Ribandar’s musicians, Selwyn Pereira and Elvis D’Souza whose music spoke volumes were very sad moments in our lives.

While in school at Don Bosco, I was so obsessed with a song sung by my class mate Victor D’Silva. It was ‘I’m Nobody’s Child’ a song by Hank Snow that portrays an orphan boy who is sad because nobody wants to adopt him due to his blindness.

This song continues to be my favourite. For your listening pleasure, may I share this song which all too often is tug to my heart strings. We all need to confidently keep believing that it is never too late to use the God given talents to explore and fulfil our passions and aspirations, because the best is yet to come. 

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