There is undoubtedly a very huge potential within Goa’s student community. The educational authorities need to identify, encourage and nurture the students to shine in their talents. Our students must be motivated to be the best and brightest.

The recent achievement by 30-year-old Saurabh Laxman Raikar from Cumbarjua in obtaining the distinction of being the youngest to obtain a PhD in Engineering from Goa University is indeed very remarkable.

Students in displaying their talent must be absolutely confident that transparency and the highest level of integrity prevails in every educational institution. The educational turf must be free from manipulation with merit being always the sole guiding factor. There should not be even the slightest doubt over the manner in which centres of learning are being run, as otherwise the faith of students would be vitiated. Every temple of learning must empower the students to be bright and proud in their quest for knowledge.

With ethics and probity in the dispensation of education, may we see many more outstanding achievers like Saurabh making us all proud while bringing glory to our Goa.

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