Most of those in Power seem to be least concerned about the plight of the common man. The daily trials and tribulation faced by them. The multitude of failures and shortcomings from poor health and social care to soaring crime, dreadful public services, and transport, to unacceptable and crumbling infrastructure and economic stagnation. Garbage and the stench of the filth all around continues to be a permanent eye sore and an environmental nightmare.

It is vital that our elected representatives venture  to have a feel of the reality out there. Unless they travel in public transport, they will not know what a harrowing experience it can be. Only if they move around on a motorcycle Pilot will they experience the potholes. They need to walk around the cities to see for themselves the pathetic state of the footpaths and the nightmare faced especially by the elderly and feeble. Those in power must line up incognito at government offices to see the sad state of governance. And if they care to visit the markets, they would get a grueling experience of the filth all over. And by going out shopping they will see for themselves the exorbitant prices of everything and must care to imagine what the common man is going through and how difficult they are finding to make ends meet.

Our politicians are not talented or committed enough to make the change that the people are crying out for! They live for themselves only, going from one photo shoot to the next. From one ribbon cutting to the next, chauffeur driven in air-conditioned Government cars, all funded by the suffering public. If those in public office cannot effect change then they should be changed. As always, to win elections, politicians promise heaven and deliver hell!

But our politicians are used to VIP treatment from Dawn and Dusk and cannot fathom the pains of the common man. Even at religious shrines it’s VIP culture all the way.  These over pampered politicians should question their own conscience if they have one, with this soul-searching thought from the late Martin Luther King Jnr ’Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’ 

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