Today we observe the death anniversary of Goa’s first Chief Minister Dayanand Bandodkar. He assumed office on 20th December 1963 and continued as Chief Minister till his sudden death on 12th August 1973. His funeral procession from Althinho to Miramar was a sea of humanity.   Affectionately referred to by all as ‘Bhausaheb’ he was undoubtedly the best Chief Minister we have had.

Dayanand Bandodkar may have initially been for the merger of Goa with Maharashtra, but he respected the people’s verdict in that 1967 Opinion Poll and toiled with a vision and passion towards the all round development of Goa. As a friend and carer of the poor, with a vision laid the sound foundation of Goa’s progress.  

Unlike many of today’s politicians who are self-centered, Dayanand Bandodkar relentlessly raised and pursued issues concerning the backward, down-trodden, and neglected communities. Leaders of his integrity, honesty and commitment we may rarely see in today’s shoddy arena of political pygmies. He dared to speak from his heart and always walked the talk. Only a few of such politicians still remain in our midst and will also be remembered for the good done.

It is so very distressing and agonizing to witness the continuing rampant destruction and devastation of Goa. With the hills and fields fast vanishing, our State is sadly by the day just getting further disfigured beyond recognition. It should have been the endeavor of those now in power to at least salvage and safeguard what remains of Goa.

Our youth need to be made aware of the very rich and invaluable contribution to Goa by our first Chief Minister Dayanand Bandodkar who cannot be consigned as our forgotten hero.

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