Kudos to Bihar for having shown Goa, India’s most literate State on how to hold a very modest and solemn swearing in ceremony. 

The 20 minute very simple swearing in ceremony of Nitish Kumar now in his new avatar after having politically divorced the BJP, took the oath along with RJD’s Tejashwi Yadav which must have cost just a few thousands.   

But that 18 minute swearing in ceremony of Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant held on March 28th this year cost the taxpayers a whopping Rs 5, 59, 25, 805 while a further Rs 72, 21.972 was spent on the 134 vehicles hired for VIPs and their security attending that swearing in ceremony. All this while our State coffers are empty with the government borrowing hundreds of crores every month to make ends meet. This money could have been better spent on the health and welfare of the people that the Government has a duty to support and protect and to be financially responsible and prudent with taxpayer’s money.

On a different note, the political volcano that suddenly erupted in Bihar is just a sign of the times to come. The BJP should now not cry hoarse as they have been covertly dismantling governments all over, with Maharashtra being the most recent case at hand. Even where the BJP is firmly in Power, they are busy sowing seeds of division and confusion, desperately seeking to divide the Opposition and there cannot be a better example than Goa. The political turmoil that the party is unleashing on the Opposition by trying to engineer unethical and illegal political defections seems to be their main priority. The double talk from the BJP and political interference and intimidation of opposition parties at every level shows the BJP in their true colours. It’s the highest form of Political Prostitution.

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