That Panaji will be a Smart City may always remain a dream only. There is need to urgently decongest the city. Shifting the schools to Cujira has not eased Panaji’s woes. 

The authorities have miserably failed to deal with the traffic mayhem in Panaji. To add to the chaos hundreds of taxis are illegally parked all over the city. The law requires that the taxis be stationed at the designated taxi stands or at the residence of the owner. Besides, the double parking especially on 18th June Road and Atmaram Borkar Road must all stop.

Traffic cops conveniently continue to turn a Nelson’s eye at all those Casino vehicles which are illegally parked in the No Stopping- No Parking Zone along the Dayanand Bandodkar Marg.  The residents of Sao Tome ward behind the Post Office having been suffering for the last many years on account of the parking nightmare created by the Casinos. The situation gets worse especially on the weekends with Casino staff and customers haphazardly parking their vehicles and even urinating all over disturbing the peace and tranquility of the residents in the area.

Panaji MLA Babush Monserrate in May 2019 had promised to remove the Casinos from the River Mandovi within 100 days but quickly reneged on that solemn vow. Now as Minister for Waste Management he has assured to solve the Sonsoddo garbage nightmare within 18 months. Let us wait and watch on this latest promise.

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