Rajendra Arlekar assumed charge as Governor of Himachal Pradesh on 13th July and in less than two months he has merrily made so many trips to Goa. This is all an unnecessary burden on the Exchequer.

If Rajendra Arlekar cannot serve the State of Himachal Pradesh by detaching his mind from our land of fish, feni and fun he should perhaps seek a transfer as Governor of Goa.

It’s expected that once taking charge, the Governor cuts all his links with his former political party and petty politics. And if politics is his inclination, it is a call Rajendra Arlekar would have to take. But it is absolutely inappropriate and gross abuse of Power to be hopping from Simla to his home in Goa so often. He cannot have his cake and eat it. Being a Governor is a full time job that has to be taken seriously. He should know better how Goa was disadvantaged by having a part time Governor for almost a year. 

Hopefully at least after becoming Governor, Rajendra Arlekar has surrendered his HP petrol pump dealership “Om Shree Vetobaa” at Vasco to make way for somebody unemployed.He continued with it illegally after becoming an MLA.

Clause 7 of the Hindustan Petroleum guidelines specifically requires that the dealer should be paying attention towards day-to-day working of the petrol pump by personally managing its affairs and is not allowed to take up any other employment.

Sadly, persons of Eminence and Integrity in public life are today rare to find.

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