There is a need to ensure that in every government office in our tiny State all the staff from the Peon to the Director is very and extremely punctual in reporting for work. Even in the Secretariat at Porvorim we very sadly see staff merrily walking in past 10.30 if not later. This is impermissible and our very proactive Chief Secretary Parimal Rai must crack the whip. Infact the Heads of all departments across Goa should themselves lead by example.

Besides every government employee has a duty to ensure that in serving the public, the staff discharge their duties very courteously, professionally with love, passion, integrity and more importantly with that much needed smile. They must realise that the very people they serve, pay for this service and are therefore their employers who are entitled to expect an excellent service at all times. Those who consider serving the people a burden and cannot even smile have no right to continue in service.

Government employees reaching the office late, merrily absconding during office hours and leaving office early is absolutely unacceptable as it is an inconvenience to the people visiting the government offices to redress their grievances.

Every step possible must be taken to also ensure total transparency, efficiency and honesty in the working of every department. Only then will there be a hope for the much needed Good Governance in Goa.  The Government offices in any smooth functioning democracy must always be of the people, by the people and for the people. Let us hope that every government servant will truly vow towards this goal. Those who cannot deliver must make room for the young and vibrant who are ready to serve with total devotion.

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