Goa and Goans should boycott the football outfit FC Goa which is now owned by Casino Tycoon Jaydev Modi whose treacherous Casinos have already done irreparable damage to our once beautiful State and reduced it now to a gambling, prostitution, drugs and crime hub. Jaydev Modi should not be allowed to misuse the name of Goa in his devious adventure but should infact rechristen his team as FC Casino.

Jaydev Modi’s FC Goa instead on investing in grooming Goan players has gone harvesting for football talent all the way in the North East.

Ironically while in the Opposition, Manohar Parrikar had dubbed Casinos as “dens of vice” and had vowed to throw them out of Goa. He had even branded the revenue from Casinos as “bad” money. But once in power, for the BJP the Casinos have become dens to collect huge kickbacks.

And for even Vijai Sardesai and Rohan Khaunte who had not long ago vehemently opposed the Casinos, they too now have lined up at the newly found ATM.

Fc GoaCasinoss

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