After Fisheries Minister Vinod Paliencar having hounded a very upright Director of Fisheries Shamila Monteiro, the Town & Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai unable to move ahead with his devious agenda is now gunning for the no- nonsense Chief Town Planner Dr. S.T.Puttaraju. Vijai Sardesai is working overtime fabricating dubious and silly allegations against the Chief Town Planner.

To carry out his hidden agenda of selling what remains of Goa Vijai Sardesai will now have two more Chief Town Planners while sidelining Dr.S.T.Puttaraju. James Mathew will be one while the very pliable Rajesh Naik will be the second bypassing Senior Town Planner S.M.Byakod. To rake in the moolah Vijai Sardesai is in a tearing hurry to start the process of change of zones and that task will be entrusted to one of these two new Chief Town Planners.

The 24 member Town and Country Planning Board headed by Vijai Sardesai which meets on 30th October besides approving the creation of more politically motivated PDAs is also expected to give a green signal to initiate the process for change of zone to the betterment of  the land sharks.

Incidentally Vijai Sardesai’s henchman and Treasurer of the Goa Forward Party Suraj Lotlikar is a member of the TCP Board. We all know that Suraj Lotlikar is a very integral part of the Land mafia. On his credentials to be a member of the Town & Country Planning Board less said the better. And with the Town & Country Planning Minister’s bungalow at Fatorda itself being illegal, Vijai Sardesai lacks the moral authority to lead the proper Planning of the State.


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